estrat provides a complete environment management solution to help you runKeep systems running, performing and secure round the clock. and optimiseKeeping on top of capacity, scalability and cost control your Cloud or Hybrid Cloud systems. We provide a unique blend of proactive and response based services up to 24 x 7 x 365.

The efficient management of a Cloud or hybrid infrastructure is complex. Simplified provisioning of services gives the flexibility that business needs to make IT work better. These approaches allow you to adapt to market changes more rapidly and build new business tools capability in days and weeks rather than months. Importantly, this new world mandates management controls be put in place to ensure that the cost, performance, availability and compliance requirements are known and reported on. Often, the skills and experience to do this simply doesn’t exist in organisations yet.

Managing Cloud environments is a whole new paradigm, one where the responsibility is shared with Cloud vendors. These vendors provide basic management capability, estrat extends and completes this with best of breed people, process and systems. We provide a full coverage service to tie all of these together and give CEO, CFO, CIO and others the comfort that the environments are optimised and best in class at all times.

Whether your environment is used to deliver business applications, IoT systems, or any other application, estrat works with you to ensure your Cloud systems are in the best of shape at all times, providing a number of key functions working in harmony. We provide a complete service offering including the following

IT is the Business!

estrat provides benchmarking, advisory and organisational design services to align capability, culture, cost effectiveness and performance.

An effective and aligned IT operations approach is key to supporting business competitiveness and agility.  Developing world-class teams, operational capability and support processes is a critical element of many of estrat’s engagements.  We partner with our clients to benchmark current service levels and cost efficiency, create a vision for the optimal service delivery approach, and develop an achievable transition strategy.

This is a rapidly shifting space undergoing disruption from cloud providers who are now providing services which were traditionally the domain of outsourcers. As this market evolves, we help our clients evaluate the many insource, outsource and ‘as a Service’ permutations, ensuring that organisational impacts and implications are addressed.

estrat’s competence in ‘Manage’ disciplines and approaches includes:


“I have had the pleasure of working with estrat at Leighton International. I found they had a remarkable acumen in business matters. Their ability to interpret our requirements and develop a strategy to address them was extremely impressive. It was both a pleasure and an honour to have worked with such professionals.”

Dr Paul Boucher, CIO, Leighton International

Our Results

Working with Rio Tinto’s Group Procurement department, estrat reviewed the global wide area network strategy and architecture. An end-state design was built to facilitate imminent SAP user growth and emerging Cloud applications. estrat lead a comprehensive market test of major global network offerings with a focus on innovative consumption pricing models, significant bandwidth increases, reduced complexity, and fully managed services.

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