Managed Services

We provide a complete monitoring and management solution so you can confidently run, optimise and truly leverage your cloud investment.

estrat Managed Services (EMS) is a modern approach to operating cloud and mixed-mode environments. Leveraging DevOps and FinOps principles, EMS provides a suite of services to remove complexity, drive costs down and ensure your environment is performing optimally.

We tailor our EMS framework to your specific requirements using tried and tested policies, frameworks, and best practices.

With deep experience across cloud and hybrid solutions, our team is expert in:

EMS has helped our clients save up to 50% of their operational costs, reduce cloud ‘clutter’, and reduce risk as they navigate their way into the cloud.

“estrat's intimate knowledge and experience with AWS infrastructure and architecture has proved vital in ensuring not only our initial rollout in the AWS environment but also our continued day-to-day operation. estrat are able to keep us appraised of the latest AWS developments and to ensure we are leveraging the maximum benefits from our environment.”

Jamie Anderson, General Manager, MINEMAN

Our Results

FMG required an accelerated implementation of an enterprise data lake and analytics platform leveraging best of breed digital technologies. The client looked to estrat as an agile technology partner with deep experience in building mining related Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions. estrat worked with the customers' data analytics team to design an enterprise grade platform which would provide cutting edge data transformation, warehousing, analytics and visualisation services quickly and securely. Ongoing curation and support of the infrastructure is provided by estrat via its managed services team. While monitoring the health and performance of the platform is the ‘ticket to play’, the continuous optimisation of resources provides strategic value by ensuring that the solution delivers consistently and cost effectively.

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