We implement IT projects for our customers globally in Australia, the United Kingdom, Africa, South America, Asia, and the USA. Our industry coverage includes media, mining and resources, banking and finance, insurance, agribusiness, and government.

When it’s time to make things happen we roll up the sleeves… no matter where you need us to be!

We have expert skills in…

•  AWS and Azure solution architecture and migrations

•  Cloud platform establishment

•  Virtualised high performance platforms

•  Data protection and disaster recovery solutions

•  Remote working and mobility

•  End user computing

•  Data centres and consolidation

•  Networking and Security

•  SAP hosting solutions

With great people and their ‘can do’ attitude, expertise and skills, our goal is to get it right – first time, every time. ‘Complexity is the enemy’ so we apply the “keep it real” rule to all our designs to ensure our clients get traction quickly, and can get moving on their business projects.

Program and Project Management

estrat’s business is built upon our customers’ trust in our ability to realise their project goals and manage their risk.

We excel at change management and transformation, and sorting out chaos from time to time! We have managed over one hundred projects worth in excess of $500M USD. This includes many very large transformative programs which have underpinned critical organisational change.

Our own project management methodology has been refined and battle hardened over time through experience. We use customised adaptations of PMBOK, PRINCE2 and Agile frameworks, we keep our processes lean, we communicate openly, say it like it is, and we treat each engagement as a partnership.

"estrat was very successful in crafting a total IT refresh that was the “right fit” for OTML. There were significant logistic issues and cultural sensitivities that estrat were very mindful of, whist still achieving the program of work’s time lines and deliverables.”

David Pierce, Program Director

Our Results

Community Newspaper Group turned to estrat to build a technology strategy that would support the transformation of the Classifieds Call Centre and branch business office processes. The complete replacement of the wide area network, implementation of a Cisco contact centre solution, and upgrade of the Prestige Classifieds platform freed up business communications within the group, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced costs.

More about us
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