We keep our finger on the pulse of IT, with a wealth of experience to help our customers make great choices amongst the dizzying array of market solutions. Our passion is to create crisp, implementable and sustainable strategies which get runs on the board quickly whilst going the distance over time.

A new wave of faster, cheaper, and more agile IT infrastructure offers innovative solutions to today’s expectations for reduced IS budgets, smaller IT teams, and accelerated return on investment.  Customers, employees and management demand their content anywhere and anytime, expecting a secure and consistent experience.  “Cloud” offers attractive and affordable solutions although the market is still evolving with many choices, challenges and risks.

These changes are impacting all of our clients and estrat has invested heavily in knowledge, skills and tools to assist in planning, designing and transitioning to Cloud and Next Generation Infrastructure solutions.


Our Cloud consulting team is engaged in many projects helping our clients to answer key questions like:

Our Cloud expertise includes:

All of this is built upon our competence in Next Generation Infrastructure consulting and solution architecture across:


Our client engagements cross over many industries and include a broad spectrum of consulting activities including:

"At the end of the project, after implementations across the world in a variety of circumstances, there was not one single complaint about the quality and performance of that infrastructure. It has been an unparalleled success."

Andrew Crocker, CIO, Anglogold Ashanti

Our Results

estrat created a global strategy for AngloGold Ashanti to bring their IT infrastructure and operations to best practice and prepare for the implementation of SAP. This included the organisational design, technical architecture of the SAP infrastructure eco-system and related Cloud applications, and full programme management of the platform roll out. The project was implemented in successive releases in South Africa, Namibia, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Argentina and the United States.

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