Cloud is the ‘new normal’, and estrat can help you quickly unlock benefits for your organisation. Experience counts for a lot when you need to get results! We have some serious runs on the board and a great team who expertly deliver a comprehensive range of cloud services.

AWS Consulting Partner

Our consultants and architects can help you quickly identify the approach that best suits your business, and build detailed designs to take you easily and safely into the cloud. Contemplating the migration of application and computing services is just the start. We also consider the organisational impact of IT change, as well as the optimisation of processes and, of course, security. And, when you are in the cloud, we can help you operate effectively and economically – keeping things running and continually optimising them to keep cost down and performance and availability up.

The results can be staggering..... recently, we helped one of our customers save over 50% on their operational costs! 

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