The Leighton Group Global synergy

The Leighton Group are global contractors delivering large scale infrastructure projects across a range of industries in 22 countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

A high percentage of the approximately 52,000 strong workforce employed by Leighton’s five distinctive operating companies are working in the highly volatile construction project environment.

Leighton needed to realign their South East Asian and Middle East IT infrastructure to support a rapidly expanding business footprint. Disparate and dispersed infrastructure had to be consolidated into four geographic locations.

A key challenge lay in securing and sustaining Leighton’s IT provisioning under a structured governance model capable of providing stability in challenging conditions.

We also needed to design and implement a unified global communications system that reflected the fine balance of autonomy and synergy across the Leighton Group of companies.

Creating a strategy to consolidate Leighton’s fragmented infrastructure meant navigating complex regulatory requirements in remote locations where the requisite IT skills were scarce.

The strategy we delivered enabled Leighton to accomplish all of the following key project goals:

  • Consolidating their global IT infrastructure into 4 data centres
  • Outsourcing support services to reliable, efficient providers
  • Unifying their global communications
  • Implementing an SAAS document control and management system

This transformational project has consolidated and unified Leighton’s IT infrastructure without compromising the diverse operational needs of their constituent companies.

It has succeeded in:

  • Increasing uptime and reliability across all networks and applications
  • Being sufficiently responsive and agile to accommodate the ad hoc demands of large projects
  • Enabling charge back to individual projects via a transparent costing model

In the bigger picture, it has established a high performance platform to support Leighton’s future ERP rollout.

What We Did

Strategy Implementation Cloud Transition Transformation

I have had the pleasure of working with estrat at Leighton International. I found they had a remarkable acumen in business matters. Their ability to interpret our requirements and develop a strategy to address them was extremely impressive. It was both a pleasure and an honour to have worked with such professionals.

Dr Paul Boucher, CIO, Leighton International

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