MINEMAN Cloud Transformation brings big cost savings

MINEMAN has more than twenty years’ experience in minerals commodity trading and provides leading software and services solutions for marketing, financial and logistics management for a range of concentrates and metals.

Having been an early adopter of utility-based computing, MINEMAN had been delivering their customer facing systems in hosted data centre facilities within Australia and the UK since 2007.

Over time, these environments have evolved to be increasingly complex and costly to support and the infrastructure architecture presented potential business continuity risks.

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MINEMAN wanted the ability to more quickly respond to their customers’ changing business requirements. This called for agility within the application platform and the ability to quickly service new geographies.

Although reducing cost was one of the key considerations of re-platforming the environment, MINEMAN’s primary objective was to establish redundancy across their services portfolio whilst maintaining service level targets greater than 99.95%.

“The decision to select AWS as the preferred platform for our global customer base was a no-brainer. They are clear market leaders and will be here for the long haul, so we will hitch our wagon to them.”


Estrat built a proof of concept (POC) for the end-to-end migration of the Sydney data centre environment. The POC validated the proper functionality of the application, interoperability with integrated systems, and simulated the overall performance of MINEMAN within the AWS platform.

The POC was completed within three months providing sufficient time for MINEMAN to successfully migrate into the AWS APAC platform before having to enter into another long term hosting contract with their current provider.

Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) was used to provide a secure, isolated environment for each data centre instance with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to run seven full-time instances ranging from t2.medium to m4.xlarge.

Subsequent phases saw the successful deployment of production systems globally, culminating in mid-2016 with the final move from private hosting platforms in EMEA. A 24×7 support service was implemented in early 2016, providing MINEMAN with the peace of mind that their operational goals were being managed around the clock.

By taking a “run the environment hot” approach, MINEMAN was able to reduce Infrastructure Services cost by fifty percent. Just-in-time provisioning of new services has also improved MINEMAN’s operating margins for new customers, as costs are only incurred as new revenue streams are generated.

“The estrat team were with us all the way. It was clear that they understood the nuances of cloud technologies and had a close relationship with AWS, which gave us confidence and enabled us to quickly and safely migrate our customers onto the new platform.”


See case study

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