Implats 'Rebangwe' transformation stands the test of time

Impala Platinum (Implats) mines and processes platinum group metals (PGMs), producing approximately 22% of the world’s primary platinum. The company has around 6,000 IT users across ten mining and mineral processing sites in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Implats needed to restructure their business processes to counter the financial and operational consequences of market volatility and labour unrest.

Transforming Implats’ IT via a shift to ERP (SAP) was crucial to achieving the efficiencies they were targeting.

The challenge lay in building a lean, stable infrastructure platform with sustainable third party support, capable of carrying the vision into the future.

Securing Implats’ vision meant starting ‘from scratch’ with a total infrastructure redesign that re-engineered the service delivery model for; data centres, server/SAN, security, desktop and WAN.

Virtualisation, including early adoption for SAP was a key element in the plan.

Once the groundwork was laid, we managed the complete project roll out and transition. This included sourcing and coordinating vendors and third parties with extensive regional track records such as; Dimension Data, Telkom and Gijima.

In partnership with Implats and key third party providers, we delivered an industry standard platform that has:

  • Given flexible, easy and secure access to thousands of widely dispersed users
  • Slashed response times and vastly increased user productivity
  • Helped to unify the business and enable the SAP transformational project “Rebangwe”

When measured against comparable industry deployments, it costs the least to support. It remains an enduring example of the benefits of thoughtful design, standardisation, and teamwork.

Sustained, skillful use of transformational IT continues to play a big part in ensuring that Implats thrives in challenging conditions.

To build on the success of the ‘from scratch’ IS rebuild, we are currently advising Implats on a range of Cloud and hybrid hosting models.

What We Did

Strategy Implementation Cloud Transition Transformation

Some of the most far reaching and significant projects in Implats' history have been enabled if not lead by information technology. "Rebangwe" was a defining transformation initiative marking a turning point in how we deliver IT services and do business with each other, our customers and our suppliers.

Every part of our IT landscape was improved in some way, from our server rooms to our ERP. The programme touched everyone at all levels in our organisation, and the impacts of Rebangwe still resonate today.

There were many contributors to the success of this project including our staff and our technology partners. estrat ably lead the infrastructure improvement and outsourcing tendering process and years later they continue to provide us with highly valued strategic advice on the benefits of new developments in converged infrastructure, cloud computing and unified communications.

Manie Grunewald, CIO, Impala Platinum Limited

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