Community Newspaper Group A good call on digital media innovation

Community Newspaper Group (CNG) publishes 17 local Western Australian papers from a number of widely dispersed metropolitan and country offices. It has the highest circulation of any Perth based print media at around 686,000 copies per week.

To enable community print media to continue to command a loyal readership, the processes and systems that sustain it must be technically agile and cost effective.

Classified advertising, an essential piece of the connective tissue binding readers to their local paper, is a particular case in point.

CNG needed to modernise longstanding manual business processes and transform their Classifieds Call Centre.

This vision, driven by their CEO, also aligned with parent company Seven West Media’s intention ‘to bring together technology, IT and technical services to systematically transition to digital workflows, asset management and new cloud solutions.’

The project called for a complete IS redesign that meshed new skillsets and processes with the technologies essential to realising the CEO’s strategic goals.

We partnered with the CNG team to paint a visionary plan for a new platform, which would meet the needs of this rapidly changing business. Then we selected best-in-class technologies and vendors with demonstrable track records in comparable projects, including: AlphaWest, Telstra and AMCOM.

Next we choreographed the complete systems renewal including:

  • Local and wide area networks
  • Compute and storage platforms
  • Oracle Financials upgrade
  • Cisco Call Centre solution

Finally we advised on cloud hosting and unified communications options.

This transformational program brought IT out of the ‘back office’ at CNG and enhanced both staff and customer satisfaction by:

  • Streamlining and speeding up internal communications
  • Increasing the availability of Call Centre staff and reducing response times for customers
  • Building advertising revenue via the rapid and easy integration of new digital media products

It also delivered significant, sustainable value by building organisational trust and confidence in technology as a catalyst for future innovation and change.

What We Did

Strategy Implementation Cloud Transition Transformation

As a thriving media business, our competitive edge depends on continually embracing and integrating new technologies. Consequently we need our IT platforms to be agile and able to adapt to new business opportunities.

We also need them to give rock solid, 100% reliable access to our entire team, anywhere, anytime. We trust estrat to design platforms that perform perfectly on both fronts.

estrat has partnered with us on a number of vital IT projects that have transformed the way we do business. Their level of commitment is always above and beyond, and we rely on them when our most important projects need experienced hands and world class technical expertise.

Mark Hastie, IT Manager, Community Newspaper Group

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