Barrick Gold Single platform drives regional expansion

Barrick Gold Corporation is the world’s leading gold miner, producing 6.25 million ounces of gold in 2014.

Barrick’s business model and company success is built on agility and a leadership style grounded in high managerial autonomy.

When Barrick Gold established African Barrick Gold (now Acacia Mining), after acquiring competitor Place Dome, these values shaped a new, emergent business system spanning two continents.

African Barrick Gold needed a stable, cost effective IT platform to connect mining operations in Tanzania and South Africa to a new head office in London.

Key challenges lay in navigating the logistical and regulatory complexities of establishing IT platforms in remote African locations.

To accomplish this technical transformation, we also needed to align two disparate business cultures to create a new entity attuned to the Barrick Gold corporate model.

Traction needs great timing.

We redesigned, merged and optimised the South African and Tanzanian networks while planning and implementing African Barrick Gold’s new UK presence. We also established secure hosting for ERP and corporate applications in Johannesburg.

Choreographing these moves called on our full repertoire of skills and experience to:

  • Audit and benchmark the African sites
  • Develop a long term regional IS strategy
  • Establish the London headquarters and hire a regional IT Director
  • Merge and upskill the IT teams to manage the new infrastructure and extended applications
  • Manage the rollout of the infrastructure platform including new and reconfigured satellite and terrestrial links
  • Establish unified communication and storage platforms
  • Migrate Placer Dome sites to Barrick AD and Exchange
  • Convert redundant off site data centres to provide secure hosting

This project built a unified platform that links users across very remote regions and corporate centres.

Regardless of their location, everyone has access to the same familiar, secure experience.

The platform is also very secure and flexible so it can run additional applications.

Finally, it is maintained by a skilled, cohesive IS team equipped to support further regional expansion.

What We Did

Strategy Implementation Cloud Transition Transformation

We have engaged estrat on some of our most important and strategic transformational projects at Barrick Gold. These include setting up our inaugural London office, migrating our regional office into the Cloud, and redesigning our Australian and African IT operations during a significant merger. We have entrusted a great deal to estrat over many years and they have always performed beyond our expectations with a combination of strategic skills and ability to execute that is difficult to find.


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