AngloGold Ashanti 50 sites, 12 countries, ‘oneERP’

AngloGold Ashanti (AGA) is the world’s third largest gold producer with mining operations and exploration programs on four continents.

The company has around 12,000 IT users across 12 countries in Africa, Australia, South America, the UK, and the USA.

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AGA needed to unite their disparate IT infrastructure technologies and processes in preparation for rolling out SAP under their transformational ‘oneERP’ program.

The key challenges lay in establishing global capability to rapidly deploy applications and streamlining disaster recovery for its mission critical operations.

The project’s scale and complexity proved a perfect match for our global experience, first class technical capability and obsession with implementing right, first time.

Getting traction is our specialty; this is how we did it.

We began by:

  • Identifying that virtualization was the key to providing the performance, flexibility, and disaster recovery capabilities required for AGA’s mission-critical, global applications
  • Immersing our team in AGA’s dispersed and diverse user communities to understand their expectations around the implementation of a single instance ERP (SAP)

Then we made the science work by:

  • Partnering with SAP, Accenture, EMC, Dell, Orange and Fujitsu to build an end to end ‘eco-system’ design which would support oneERP and the many subsequent collaboration and cloud projects
  • Architecting a comprehensive implementation program, which we then managed to completion in four releases over 36 months
  • Managing many vendors and third parties such as Fujitsu, Accenture, BCX and Orange on behalf of AngloGold Ashanti
  • Transitioning new services smoothly into each of AGA’s 50 sites

AGA’s oneERP vision has been realised in a platform that runs flawlessly on a fully virtualised, SAP-compliant, private cloud environment.

Implementing oneERP has also cut AGA’s IT costs by 15% and significantly reduced the volume of computing related real estate.

Disaster recovery is now a simple, efficient process using VMware Site Recovery Manager.

This project delivered on its vision. It is a shining example of a successful IT transformation, which heralded cloud computing as the new global standard for AGA.

The “oneERP” project was awarded the prestigious 2013 SAP Quality Award for excellence. estrat’s design for the London VMware / EMC high performance core hosting platform has been referenced globally by VMware.

See Case Study

What We Did

Strategy Implementation Cloud Transition Transformation

For the first time we have a clear view of the performance and the utilization of the different environments. Now we have the information to make the right decisions quickly, and it also give us the capability to then implement the changes in a very short time of period as well.

Andrew Crocker, CIO, AngloGold Ashanti

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