We value integrity, diversity, reliability, traction, simplicity and enduring relationships. Our customers are our reason for existence and we continue to work tirelessly to earn and retain their trust and advocacy.

About estrat

Founded in 2000, estrat is a respected technology consulting practice with a track record of highly successful projects in Australia, the United Kingdom, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Our success is due to our ability to listen carefully to our clients and work with them to quickly turn strategy into action and quantifiable results.  We have grown steadily to provide the breadth of expertise, scale and services needed by our diverse portfolio of clients.

We strive always to be at the forefront of business technology and to partner with our customers to realise their most ambitious goals.

Corporate Overview

"I've engaged estrat on a number of occasions over the years, which I think speaks for itself. estrat has a great ability to quickly understand what the customer needs and back that up with the ability to simply deliver."


The Estrat Management Team

Paul Cooper

Managing Director

Paul has more than 30 years' experience in IT and telecommunications strategic planning, programme management, solution architecture, and organisational design. He has a Bachelor of Business degree, successfully ran Dimension Data’s Perth branch and has extensive experience in senior management roles for Telstra and Datacraft Australia. Paul founded estrat in 2000 providing IT services to the mining and resources, utilities, finance, insurance and media sectors in many countries.

Telephone: +61 418 903 833

Email: pcooper@estrat.com

Stuart Stafford

Chief Technology Officer

Stuart specialises in the design and optimisation of IT infrastructure. He has a Master of Systems Administration and has considerable experience in infrastructure strategy development, designing major cloud, infrastructure platforms and ERP infrastructure optimisation. His work has been recognised globally by technology giants such as AWS, VMware and Microsoft.

Telephone: +61 408 092 082

Email: sstafford@estrat.com

Daniel Cooper

General Manager, Cloud and Project Services

Daniel is an accomplished IT professional with many years of project management and business analysis experience in industries such as, government, banking and finance, agribusiness and resources. He holds a Masters degree in Finance. Daniel has been heavily involved in cloud migration and enterprise transformation projects across numerous industries.

Telephone: +61 409 080 800

Email: danielcooper@estrat.com

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